Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camping at Gunung Yellow - 1667m

Date : 30 & 31 July 2011

The is my first time since school days on a proper camping trip ie, need to hike in. Most of my camping trips previously require very little or no trekking at all. Gunung Yellow at 1667m can be accessed through Gunung Irau to Yellow OR like what we did, start from the highway heading to Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai. As it is only a small campsite, hence we limited the number of people for this trip to 10 pax.

4 of us spent the night before in Ipoh at Aileen's place and the next day went for a nice breakfast in Ipoh and to the market to pack some food. We met the rest at about 9am at the starting point of the trek. We started trekking about 9.45am and the fast ones (for sure its not me) arrived at the campsite in about 4 hours. I managed to "scramble" all the way in 5 hours :) with a 14kg backpack together with Aileen and Barry who accompanied me all the way. (Thank you very much)

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - 4.5 hours.
Basically one way with no major forks.
1. At the Gunung Pass peak, take the left fork
2. At the first false peak of Gunung Yellow, take the left fork
3. At the second false peak of Gunung Yellow, go straight
Some uphill climb with adequate resting/recovery time. The last stretch of uphill is about 10 mins at 70 degrees gradient.
Overall a hike that can be attempted but the major setback is that it is only a small campsite. You need to be there early to "book it". Campsite can fit 5 2-men tents comfortably.
Water source available about 30 mins away from campsite. Small stream.

The starting point of the trek. When you see the notice on the left as you are driving towards Cameron, the trek starts directly opposite it

First viewpoint

At Gunung Pass fork

View at False Peak 1

Have only seen this in Irau before

The group

Food food food

At the peak

The campsite

Mossy forest like Irau
I had an enjoyable weekend - not the usual 20/30 people wherever we go. Small group is fun and I had time to catch up with everyone. Alan and Tony cooked for us to eat, prepared dinner and breakfast too.... thanks so much. We packed up at about 9am to descend as Chelik Waterfalls was also in the itinerary (though I did not go) By the end of the trek my energy level is fully depleted! Thankfully I did not have to drive.


  1. Hey, I'm planning to camp at this place on the coming Monday with 2 others. Any advice for me? Never actually camped in a jungle before.

  2. Depending on the weather, you can see for many miles.