Friday, October 7, 2011

Jerangkang waterfall

Date : 1&2 October 2011

We had 4 4WD on this trip, ferrying 14 of us who came on this trip to scale the upper falls of Jerangkang from where we last stopped. This trip was planned for Loke who saw my last trip photographs and dubbed Jerangkang as the "Jiuzhaigou of Malaysia"
Indeed it is a spectacular fall having 43 teirs (We managed to scramble till 30+ but not to the peak)
Its a small group this time as we went in with our own 4WD hence this trip is only open for those who has 4WD and has space to carry people.

We started our journey at about 3.45am from my home, a relaxing drive to Sri Jaya exit. The plan was to meet at Sri Jaya at 6am for breakfast. We wanted to be early so that we can book the space at the campsite and also to scale as many falls as we can.
For those who has a 4WD, the directions to get into the falls is as follows:

1. Exit Sri Jaya
2. At the junction, turn left (If you want to go to the breakfast place, you take a right turn here and the shops are on the right)
3. After driving for about 10 minutes you will see a signboard "Hutan Lipur Jerangkang" - turn left in
4. From this junction basically you follow the main path. Drive for about 5km you will come to a tunnel. Go past the tunnel and turn left
5. At km 6.3 (from the junction) there is a fork, keep left
6. At km 8.7 keep right at the fork
7. At km 10.6 there is a pondok, keep right
8. At km 11 turn right into a bridge
This road will take you right up to the campsite

There are various campsites available depending on the size of one's group:
1. Right where the 4WD is parked, it can accomodate 80-100 pax easily with washroom facilities
2. 15 minutes walk, 5 minutes inclined can accomodate 50 pax (beside the river)
3. 1 hour walk in (or maybe more) following a clear trail can acccomodate 8-10 pax (beside the river at about Teir 30)

Trekking time and terrain :
To scale to a 5 teir fall where we stopped, 3 hours on moderate speed with some photography. The trek is easy, clear trails and in every fall/cascade there is a pool to dive in. The last section of the trek will need to be assisted by ropes. (There are ropes there already) Water not as clear as the last time I was here.... slightly murky, sandy base.

The lower fall pools have fishes in them, small but plentiful. The upper falls do not have fishes.
My bungalow for the weekend

We stopped here the last time

This is actually a 5 teir fall

As most of us started so early, its time to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fun time with the bed!
It rained during this trip pretty heavily and all our tents were tested against waterproofing!
The next day we broke tent and packed up a little earlier than our usual time. We were out at Sri Jaya for dinner at about 4pm. And departed from Sri Jaya for home at 5pm.


  1. Yeah its fun relax on the inflatable bed. I've seen people throw this stuff once it get broken just like that at most of the fav waterfalls. Hope you're not that type of person.

  2. I have been to many falls and we always bring out our own rubbish as we dont like to go to a fall that has full of rubbish.... it is a continuous education to many people here (sad to say)

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