Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend in Taiping

Date : 9&10 July 2011

Waterfalls visited:
1. Upper Trong Falls
2. Lower Trong Falls
3. Kamunting Falls
4. Maxwell Hill Falls
5. Air Hitam Falls

How to get there : (instructions to Trong Falls only)
Travel time : 2 hours 45 minutes, exit at 146 Changkat Jering
Once exit, at the traffic lights, turn right into Beruas / Lumut
Approximately 15 mins drive, will come to a traffic lights with a police station on the right
After this lights take the first left turn
At the fork, take the right fork and just follow the road till the end
Trail to Upper Trong starts on the right
Trail to Lower Trong starts on the left (going down the steps)

The beauty that we saw along the trail

The lower falls of Upper Trong

Upper Trong

I had a fun time sliding down though the water was freezing cold and my teeth was going "grr grr grr grr"

The water at Upper Trong was very cold when we went. There was no sun on that day (not sure about other days) But we had a fun time sliding down one of the lower falls...
The trail into Upper Trong is relatively easy, rated 3/10. The trail is fairly flat and the challenge in this trek is to see if one can run faster than the leeches at this place.......(we were pretty lucky because there were not too many present but I have been told that the leeches here are notorious). So, venture at your own risk.
The path is not clear with a few forks and many fallen trees. Venture with someone who knows the way.

Lower Trong

The steps down Lower Trong
All one need to do is just walk down the stairs to reach this fall. Big swimming pool available for use :) Becareful not to venture too near the falls as the water is really gushing. Rated 3/10 as after the splashing time at the falls, one needs to walk back up the stairs.

Kamunting Falls

The water falls into a small shallow pool
The starting trek is behind a Indian temple and around the water treatment plant. The first 1/2 hour of the trek is easy until we come to a uphill trek which is on the right side along the trail. The uphill is about 1 hour with one section aided by rope. This trek is rated 4/10 and need to venture with someone who knows the way as one needs to know which section to start the uphill trek. This trek best done in the morning and must arrive at the falls before 11am for photography purposes. Once the sun is up, one would not be able to get a good picture here as the water volume is small and well spread

Maxwell Hill Fall
This is now a water catchment area and hence one is restricted from entering the pools.

Air Hitam Falls

Natural reflexology

Kampung Air Hitam is where this falls is located. The trek in is only about 15 mins, rated 2/10. Easy trek with a rewarding fall, many places for reflexology.

It was a good weekend for me instead of spending time in the cities. We stayed overnight at Casavilla Lodge at Simpang. The place is new and clean.

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