Friday, September 9, 2011

Waterfall Abseiling at Pisang Waterfalls

Date : 16 July 2011

My first time at waterfall abseiling and this is organised by GTZ Trekkerz who I think manage the Madmonkeyz gym also....They also organise an annual charity climb usually at Damai Wall. A great fun bunch of people who makes you feel young :)

How to get there :
Our meeting place was at a Shell/Petronas petrol station with McD on MRR2 heading from Kepong to KL.
From here, take the first left exit and follow the road to the left.
Travel along this road until you come to a T junction (traffic lights) and take a right turn.
You will then be driving on a one lane road for about 15 minutes (you will go past a football field on the right) before you come to the turnoff to Pisang on the left.

At the base :
No proper shower facilities
You may park alongside the road

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - 1 hour with river crossings
Terrain rating 1/10 (no sweat!)

Description of terrain : 
The starting point of the trek is by crossing the river 15 mins into the trek, you will come to the tunnels. (The landmark of Pisang Falls) From the tunnel, just follow the river usually keeping to the right. 
There is another option to Pisang falls which is easier. After the tunnel, you will see a flight of stairs on the right - you can go up and come to the side of the highway. Turn left and follow the road. (The only problem is you must know when to enter back into the "jungles" to come to Pisang Falls... ) This is a good way to exit as it takes less than 30 minutes to get to the tunnel.
At the fall :
Waist high water level, best viewed from the slope opposite the fall.

After crossing the first river

The tunnels

After the tunnel

Pisang Falls

Water abseiling

After the water abseiling, we ventured further up and came to this little "dive" site

Back flip too

Pisang Falls from the slope across it
I had a great time trying the water abseiling the first time... it's really not that tough and just remember NOT to look up while you are going down :)


  1. so it is doable? I have yet to try. is it any different from rock climbing?

  2. Hi Johnnie.. yes its really not tough. Rock climbing you are let down by your belayer... this u come down on your own. You are in total control how fast or how slow you want to come down. Try it! You will enjoy it for sure :)