Monday, March 7, 2011

Hiking bags

I got this from a website and thought it was good to share!

  • How is the capacity of a rucksack measured? - The capacity of each of our rucksacks is measured as per a standardised method: we fill the main compartment as well as every pocket with small balls. All the balls used are then emptied into a graduated container to give the rucksack’s capacity in litres.
  • How to pack a rucksack - Put sleeping equipment at the bottom. Position heavy items close to the back. Clothes can be placed all around these. You can put a mattress under the lid and a tent can be fixed underneath the rucksack if there is no room left inside. Make sure your windbreaker and fleece jacket are easily accessible. Use the pockets to store the small accessories you will need during the hike. Usually, there is a compartment along the back which is designed to hold a hydration system.
  • How to fit a rucksack - LOOSEN all the straps (shoulder strap, hip belt, tensioners). PUT THE RUCKSACK ON YOUR BACK. For rucksacks with a capacity of 50L or more, PLACE THE HIP BELT CORRECTLY (over the hip bones) and FASTEN IT. For rucksacks with a smaller capacity, the hip belt should be placed around the waist. FASTEN THE SHOULDER STRAPS. Finally, ADJUST THE TENSIONERS to your individual requirements.
 Have fun!

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