Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hiking up Bukit Kutu - 1054m

Date climbed : 20 Feb 2011

How to get there :
Travel time : 1 hour 15 mins from Bangsar to Kg Pertak
From Jalan Maarof head towards Sri Hartamas/Mont Kiara direction
Go past Securities Commission on the right until the end of the road, take the right turn
Then take the split road on the left (you will see Solaris Mont Kiara/Cold Storage/SOHO on the left)
Go up Duke Expressway and exit to Jalan Kuching / Selayang
(This is a scenic road that takes you through the "old towns")
Just follow the road, go past Bukit Takun, Kanching, Templer Park on your right 
Go past Rawang town (up the flyover to head towards Serendah)
You will past by the small towns like Serendah, Anatara Gapi, Batang Kali, Rasa
Look out for the sign to turn right into Kuala Kubu Baru
The road is slightly winding, go past Bomba on the right until you come to a set of traffic lights
At the lights, turn right
Follow the road and it will lead you to another scenic drive round the dam
After a bridge look out for the sign "Pertak" (not sure if its Pertak or Kg Pertak or Sg Pertak) and turn right
It will lead you to a T Junction and take the right turn
Follow the road (narrow road) going past Kampung Pertak (Orang asli) until a clearing (on the left and right) where you can park your car. Cars are either parked at this clearing or parked alongside the road further up

At the base :
Sungai Luit is visible from the road side
This is where we shower and clean up after the hike up Bukit Kutu

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography and a rest at C5 (huge boulders) - up 3 hours, down 1 hour 40 mins
Terrain rating 6/10
Description of terrain : At the start cross 2 rivers on the bridge, come to a fork turn right and follow the path till a river. Cross the river (knee deep) and take the left fork after the river. (After this will there will be another 3 small river crossings where you wont get wet)
Follow the path until another fork, take the right one until the next fork, take the right one also
There are markers along the way after this. The trail is clear with some crawling under the bamboo trees
After 45 minutes of fairly flat grounds, you will come to the steep incline of about 50 degrees. This will continue for about an hour or so till C5. From C5 to the peak/campsite is about 45 minutes, fairly flat.
There is an old well which is still working - water can be used to clean up or for washing if you are camping. Adviseable to carry water for drinking and cooking.
Huge campsite available.

At the peak :

A 360 degrees view after climbing up the boulder (u can virtually be on top of the world)
Weather can change rapidly.... if you get clear skies, capture the moment as it may not last! (mist can come in within minutes)
An old chimney is still standing tall after all these years and the steps that leads to what was once a house built during the British Administration
Venturing further on, you can find an old fort, quite visibly of what used to be another house within 15 minutes of walking

The old chimney at the campsite

At the peak!

View of the dam from the peak

View from the peak

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