Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travel to Laos - Day 1

Date of travel : 26 Feb to 1 Mar 2011

This is my first time to Laos, was told that it's an undeveloped country but I was greeted with a surprise that there are a lot of Mat Salleh tourists! (Asian tourists are far and few in between)  The streets are dusty and there is a layer of smog in the air which makes my lungs work harder than usual! Its a laid back holiday for me, no trekking this time and enjoy the city for once!
Exch rate : USD 1 = Kip 8000 / RM 1 = Kip 2600
Can change at the airport or in town, all the rates are almost the same.
Kip is the main currency but USD and Thai Baht is also widely accepted even by the street vendors
This is a "must have" map when you are touring the city of Vientiane http://www.sinisini.com/laos/map/images/map_vientiane.jpg

Day 1 - Transfer from airport arranged with the hotel for USD 7

Accomodation at Hotel Khamvongsa, Khun Bulom Road, Ban Vat Chan, Vientiane. Tel + 85621 218415 or +85621 223257 Email : hotel.khamvongsa@gmail.com www.hotelkhamvongsa.com

Wat Inpeng which is just opposite the hotel... look at the details of the entrance!

Trying out the local street food

Yummy food wrapped in 3 types of vegetables! Thumbs up! (Kip 5000)

We just walked around the shops for the day and hit the streets again for food, eager to try the local food
We tried the grilled fish (Kip 35000) by Mekong River and downed it with Lao Beer (Kip 10000) (yummy!)

The streets are made comfy for customers to have their meals

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