Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Travel to Laos - Day 3

Date of travel : 26 Feb to 1 Mar 2011

While walking the streets, I was amazed to find that the caretaker for the public toilets stay right next to the toilet!

We took bus no.14 (inform the driver that you are headed to Buddha Park so that he can let you off accordingly) from the Talat Sao morning market and headed to Buddha Park, approx 24km away. The bus journey took about 50 mins with a major stop at the Friendship Bridge that one may cross over to Thailand. (To return you just cross over to the other side of the road) The park is littered with religious sculptures and was built in 1958.
The pumpkin shaped monument - has 3 levels and it represents heaven, hell and earth. One may enter the opening through the mouth of the demon head and climb the staircase from hell to heaven for a bird's eye view of the park
We climbed the stairs!
View from the top of the stairs

Nam Phou Fountain (but no water)
Can you see the cableman? Troubleshooting is a tough job!
Nightfall by the river
Hand woven silk - a lot of work! and requires lots of patience..
I must trek when I return to Laos next... the country is still rich with greenery and must return during the wet season to visit the waterfalls............

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