Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hiking up Gunung Nuang - 1493m

Date climbed : 5 March 2011
(Note : Just as a training ground and for its challenge I usually climb up to Pengasih only as I do not fancy the muddy trail from Pengasih to the peak)

How to get there :
Travel time : 45 mins from Bukit Jalil
Head on to MRR2 and exit to Taman Connaught/Cheras. Once you turn left after the exit, turn right at the next traffic lights.
This will take you pass Giant/McD on the right and BHP on the left.
After BHP keep right and follow the road (there are 3 forks, go on the right fork)
The road will curve to the left where you will see a Petronas, just go straight until the tol.
After tol take the first left exit and follow the road and look out for road signs to Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang
There will be a left turn to take at a traffic lights (right side is a police block I think)
Just follow this road until the end and take the right fork, follow the road until the end and turn left
There are car parks on the left and right side of the road

At the base :
Proper shower and toilet facilities available for use

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - up 5 hours 30 mins, down 4 hours 30 mins
Terrain rating 7/10
Description of terrain :
First 1.5 hours on gravel road shaped like a M - you will pass by 5 huts on the right and 2 huts on the left
Once you get to the 2 huts on the left, take the path in the middle (dont go left to cross the river and dont go right) and this will take you to a small stream
Cross the stream (won't get wet), you will notice water pipes on the left - follow the water pipes
After approx 20 mins, you will need to go under the pipe to cross to the other side of the pipe (at this point a waterfall can be seen on the right) and then up the steps
Another river crossing awaits, if you are skillful, you won't get wet
Cross it and walk on for another 5 minutes (path on the left after the river crossing) and this will take you to Kem Lolo (already about 2 hours into the journey)
Another river crossing and this one chances are you will have to get wet. Cross it and just follow the path until another river. Cross it and walk up the path, you will see huts on the right hand side. (There are no more river crossings after this)
From Kem Lolo take a path on the left (opposite the first hut) to Kem Pacat - 45-50 degrees incline for 1.5 hours. Most people would choose to stop at Pacat for a rest. 10-15 mins approx.
From Kem Pacat to Pengasih (false peak) 60-70 degrees incline for 1 hour 15 minutes
From Pengasih to the peak (muddy trail) fairly flat shaped like a W for 30 mins

At the peak :
At Pengasih it can be cold.
At the peak, there are a few squirrels that will come and feed from your hands.
Not much view.... conquering this mountain is purely for satisfaction and it is a good training ground

There are visible signs to direct you the way to the summit

I wonder what plant is this?
Look like cobra!

Last week this climb has presented me with some challenges... for the first time it rained so heavily that all along the way down it was cascades of water. The path could no longer be seen and each step into a puddle of water is a guess of how deep that would be. Because of the rain, the river swelled and the under currents was stronger than usual.... please be very careful if you are crossing the rivers after a rain!
It has also taught me that always have a jacket ready because if you have to wait in the rain for your friends, it will be cold....

Every trek will bring one new experiences and new challenges... that in itself is a reason to enjoy the same place over and over again!


  1. hi ! any water source in the peak? and it this suitable for camp ? camp pacat will be cold or not ?
    thanks !

    1. There is no water source at the peak. Best place to camp is Pacat or Lolo. Yes it is cold at Pacat. Have a sleeping mat + sleeping bag.