Monday, November 19, 2012

Sg Lumpur

Date : 8 Jan 2012

Another late post.
Sometimes its nice to re-post much later... they do bring back memories of the day.
(Keeps me from having memory failure too!)

How to get there :
Travel time : 1 hour from Bangsar
Using the old trunk road, drive past the towns of Rawang, Serendah, Batang Kali and head towards Ulu Tamu.

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography -3 hours
Terrain rating 4/10
To the first fall is a easy peasy, 30 mins walk (stroll)
To where we stopped, I think its the 4th fall. There are forks along the way and the path is not clear.

At the waterfalls :
There are a few waterfalls along the way, we did not complete up to the 5th fall (was told that the 5th one is also a nice fall). We stopped at 4th due to time constraints.

At the 1st fall - nice pool and can swim

2nd fall

3rd fall

A little cascade, with signs of heavy downpour?

4th fall, where we stopped

Gushing water

Durian, we chopped it this way as there were too many mouths to feed, all getting impatient

Cleaning up at Ulu Tamu River

Nice trek that ended up with a durian feast.
By the way, Sg Lumpur can actually join up to Sg Kedondong.
One can enter from Sg Lumpur and exit at Sg Kedondong - but your car will be miles away.
So make sure that preparations are done properly if this is attempted.

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