Friday, November 30, 2012

16-19 June 2012 Phuket Breakaway - Day 1

Have you been to Phuket? This is my first trip here.
Its just like, one of the places to just go and have a look since like almost everyone has been here before.
I have to say I have never really quite enjoyed the islands until lately (since I could finally swim!)
I have actually given up any hopes of  being able to swim long ago but thanks to Edwin, whom never gave up on me, I am now able to... I try to swim at least once a week now.

So back to my trip, I was warned before the trip (and I totally forgot about it) - that I have to get out of the airport ASAP and hop on to the shuttles that runs into town and beaches..... as usual, I was slowly walking, passing through immigration etc etc.... (I always think - when I am on holiday I should take it slow - afterall every other day in my life I am always rushing here and there)

So, of course we were almost the last ones to come out of the airport and as a result had to wait for the mini van transfer to be filled up before leaving the airport. What to do? Wait-lor :)
Afterall we did not really have an itinerary for this trip as both of us just wanted to step our feet into Phuket :)

I can't remember how much the transfer into town via mini man costs. (I think its THB 150 per person) (this is the result of blogging months after the trip - my apologies) The mini van will do a stop at the tour agency where they will try to sell you tour packages or hotels if you have not booked. One can simply decline, and just inform them which hotel you are staying in and the minivan will drop you at the hotel.

We are greeted by this when we exit from the airport

Little details of the hotel room

The hotel room, served us well. We stayed at The Minotel Patong Beach The room costs THB 500 per night for a standard room with bathroom attached

Evening walk out to the beach


The Auto Bar

Fin for kids!

The famous Bangla Street at night, full of life and noise

It was Euro Season

I thought it was only Vietnam and Laos but looks like its also hard to troubleshoot any electricity problems here!
- To be Continued -

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