Friday, November 30, 2012

16-19 June 2012 Phuket Breakaway - Day 3 & 4

We decided to go over to Phi Phi Island and stay a night there.
(Did not even do any hotel bookings - so when we arrived, we were walking from hotel to hotel to look for a decent place to stay. I must say that the nice clean, white sheets are full! Can you imagine???)

Anyway, we booked the cruise via this tour agent (situated same row as Minotel Patong)
They operate in a little kiosk.... and we were charged THB 500  per person for a return trip to Phi Phi.
(Do not bother to try to go to the pier to get tickets yourself) (This includes the transfer from / to hotel)
- Note that if you google you will see that the charges can range from THB 800-1600 for this boat ride to Phi Phi. So the best is just approach the tour company (in kiosks like below) and negotiate for the price.

We were greeted by this on arrival to Phi Phi Island

This is the cruise we took. Journey to Phi Phi, approx 2 hours

Streets of Phi Phi Island

We walked over to the Long Beach area (quieter) - the walk takes about 45 mins. (If you ask around (which we did) - people will say 1 hour, some will say 2 hours, some say very very tough - but really, its just a leisure stroll)

Happy jumps

Next day, we trekked up the View Point with our bags (because we had to check out by 11am). Basically we just had to climb staircase! Its about 45 mins climb.

After the view point we returned to Phuket via the same cruise.
Then we asked to be dropped at Phuket town instead of our hotel as we wanted to take this airport shuttle to the airport. This is the bus we took. (Everyone you ask will tell you that there is no airport bus - they will say to hire a cab)
The journey is estimated to be 1.5 hours to the airport, simply because there are many many stops along the way. Its not a direct bus. Along the way, the bus picks up many students (if the timing is after school like what we took)
The cost is only THB 90 per pax

I thought the price of burgers at the airport was ridiculous!!
THB 430 for a burger???? (USD 14)

Usually my trips all come with an itinerary. Very seldom I do trips without one and this was a nice change.
We just went where we wanted :)

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