Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Batu Bertengkek

Date : 20 Nov 2011

How to get there :
Travel time : 1.5 hours from Bangsar
Head on towards Jln Kuching then to Rawang, Serendah, Batang Kali, KKB and then finally to Kerling. On this old road, turn right into Kampung Air Panas and then follow the road. At Pelangi Hill Resort turn right to Kolam Air Panas then turn right into a bridge (there is a metal tol) and follow the road till the end. This is where you start trekking in.

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - 45 mins
Terrain rating 2/10
Description of terrain :
Once you walk past the metal tol gate, follow the right path. On this path you will pass by a small "cascade" on the left. Just walk along the road and at some point turn right to go into the bush/fern area. After that follow a left fork then will descend at about 70 degrees with loose soil.
At the waterfall :
A tall slim fall about 50 feet in height...
The current can be strong nearer to the fall.
At the lower cascades there are rocks for you to sit on to enjoy some reflexology!

The lower fall, notice the rocks

The main fall

It was an easy trek in with a nice fall at the end. Be warned that as the trek goes through a rubber plantation, there are lots of mozzies!

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  1. Hi,i would like to know more about how to go in to this waterfall :) if u dont mind share