Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lower Lengka

Date : 12 February 2011

How to get there :
Location undisclosed

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - in and out 8 hours with short play times at each cascade/fall
Terrain rating 7/10 (not recommended for beginners)
Description of terrain : Trekking in loose soil, slippery paths, river crossings (no proper paths, no markings)
Few cascades and falls along the way with pools to swim in

At the last fall :
Tall and majestic fall, outstanding height of approx 45 metres

The waterfall king testing his 4WD to cross the stream with helper pushing from the back :)

Cascade with pool

More cascades

Next cascade, some cannot resist but to jump in

Natural reflexology

Lower Lengka, after a lot of hard work!

Thank you Harry!

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