Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Endau Rompin (Peta)

Date : 31 Aug 2012 to 2 Sept 2012

My little quest for adventures in Endau Rompin.
As a little background, Endau Rompin National Park is the second largest in Peninsula Malaysia (after Taman Negara) and it straddles on the borders of Pahang and Johor.
In Johor there are two entrances into the park
1. Selai via Bekok town - details can be found here An Outing in Endau Rompin (Selai)
2. Peta via Kahang town - details below

And in Pahang there is one entrance into the park.

Usually when a person says he / she has been to Endau Rompin it is the Peta entrance as the famed Buaya Sangkut falls is accessed through this entrance.
The Pahang entrance is the least known amongst the three and least accessed, as far as I know.

How to get there :
Travel time : Approx 4 hours from KL to Kahang.
Travel on the North South Expressway and exit at the Ayer Hitam exit. After that follow the road to Mersing and you will pass by Kluang and then Kahang.
Kahang is a small town and make sure you don't miss it! 
The National Park office is just located beside the road on your right.
This is where you can park your cars and take the 4WD in.

Prior arrangements will need to be made with the park - bookings of 4WD and guide. Details are as below:
For bookings and enquiries:

Taman Negara Johor Endau-Rompin (Peta)
Endau-Rompin (Peta) Johor National Park
Tkt Bawah, No.11, Jalan Bawal 1
Taman Kahang Baru
86700 Kahang
Kluang, Johor

Tel: +60-07-788 2812
Fax: +60-07-788 2813
email: peta_er@yahoo.com 
Trekking time and terrain :
Day 1
From National Park Office,
- 2 hours 4WD ride
- 45 mins boat ride to Kuala Jasin
- 1.5 hours trek (flat) with 2 major river crossings to Kuala Marong

Day 2
- 4 hours trek from Kuala Marong to Buaya Sangkut Falls
Note :
Will go past another campsite which is smaller than Kuala Marong called Batu Hampar
Trek to Batu Hampar - 45 mins flat
From Batu Hampar the incline starts for about 3 hours - up and down with a terrain rating of 5/10

Day 3
- 30 mins trek to Upeh Guling waterfall (flat) with one river crossing
- 10 mins trek to Tasik Air Biru from Kuala Marong (flat)

Kahang Office

Where the 4WD drops us to take the boat ride

Boat ride to Kuala Jasin

Trekking to Kuala Marong - River crossing 1

River crossing 2

At Kuala Marong campsite

Trekking to Buaya Sangkut

Batu Hampar campsite
Upper section of Buaya Sangkut

Middle section of Buaya Sangkut

Buaya Sangkut

Upper upper section of Buaya Sangkut

Trekking to Upeh Guling

Upeh Guling

Upeh Guling

Tasik Biru


  1. hello. may i know how much money that you spent /budget for this trip?

  2. Sorry I do not really remember the cost. The package is direct from the National Park. Details are as per above... thanks!