Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Endau Rompin (Pahang)

Date : 25 to 26 May 2013

This post ends my quests in Endau Rompin.
My previous trips can be found here:
1. Selai via Bekok town - details can be found here An Outing in Endau Rompin (Selai)
2. Peta via Kahang town - details can be found here Endau Rompin (Peta)

How to get there :
As it was a weekend getaway for me, my travel time was from Tanjung Resang in Mersing to entrance of the park, 45 mins.
From Mersing town head towards Kuala Rompin.
Before arriving at Kuala Rompin, there is a road sign which says turn left into Endau Rompin National Park.
This road follows the Felda Selendang Road and it will lead right to the entrance of the park.

Entrance to the National Park (Pahang)

Campsite for the night

Start by descending down the stairs

Hanging Bridge

Beautiful Rock Forms

Sri Mahkota Falls with a nice big pool (maybe about 12ft deep)

My coffee fix at the fall


  1. This is state park not the national park. U read or not read?

  2. Endau rompin is listed in the list of Malaysia national park, FYI.