Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ulu Rening

Date :6 May 2012

How to get there :
As the name says, its at Kampung Ulu Rening. The directions to the location will remain undisclosed as its now considered as our little private waterfall and pool

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - 2 hours one way. Moderate trek with some overgrown path and no proper trail. Return is 1.5 hours.
Terrain rating 3/10
At the waterfall :
The fall itself is hidden "inside" and not so visible.
Strong undercurrent at the pool inside near the fall.
At the lower section, there is a big pool with the deepest end about 5m (15ft) deep.
One can slide down the lower fall (interesting!!)

The first river crossing

After the first there's a series of river crossings

Ulu Rening Fall with a nice big pool

The fall, hidden inside

A little birthday celebration
A splendid day for me..... small group, easy trek, nice falls, nice pool... what more can I ask for.

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