Monday, June 11, 2012

The forces of mother nature

I am humbled by the forces of Mother Nature and would like to warn all my friends "please do not under estimate how powerful Mother Nature can be"

A series of events has led me to writing this....some of which are personally witnessed, some of which are read from the news... but this is a little compilation that I wish to remind everyone, how powerful mother nature can be and things can change in a split second. That split second is a matter of life and death.

Please always help each other when you go for any outdoor activities.
I know we hear this all the time, but this reminder is never considered too many as we all need to be reminded constantly. (myself included)

Reminder 1 - When you pitch the tent, please check what is above too!
10 June 2012 :

Reminder 2 - Travel in a group and always make sure you can see both the person in front and behind.
This happens so often even in my own trekking group. The person in front is too impatient to wait. The person behind is too busy enjoying the trail (and usually taking photos - no offence though! I enjoy the photographs that you guys take) But going in a group, we must always make sure that everyone is safe. The people who are trekking, don't wander off without telling the next person!
11 June 2012 :
14 May 2012 :

Reminder 3 - Even a powerful swimmer can drown!
Never think that you can beat Mother Nature in this. The most gentle looking waterfall can be powerful!
Never be too confident.....
2 May 2012 :
28 May 2012 :

Please add on, for any other reminders for all of us.
Happy trekking and stay safe.

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