Thursday, November 24, 2011

6 & 7 November 2011 Pulau Pangkor

Finally, I am done with postings of all my China trip. I hope all of you enjoyed it. After returning from China, it has been busy busy busy for me. No choice, it is expected when one takes a break isn't. There are things to do both at work and in the homefront....
5-7 November 2011 was originally scheduled for a Batu Putih trekking / camping trip. But I opted out from it due to : we had to cross a chest deep water level river with strong undercurrent, which I am not keen at all. Plus its also a tough trek and I think I am not fit enough for that. At the end, Gunung Swettenham was attempted instead. (for the rest of the gang)
I on the other hand took a relaxing weekend and went to Pulau Pangkor for a night instead, this is my first time setting foot in this island.
We took a slow drive via the coastal road (drive via Sg Buloh) to Lumut, stopping at Kuala Selangor for breakfast. We got to Lumut at lunchtime and we rented a motorbike at RM 40 for the day. (you can get it at the island itself for RM 30 a day - no problems)
We were not decided to actually take the bike or not because it was raining when we got to Pangkor. So we went to have our lunch and "checked out the weather" till then. It seems okay by the time we finished lunch.

So we took the bike, and then went on a "hostel hunting" to see where we can stay for the night.
At Pasir Bogak Beach we checked Vikri Resort (05-6854 258) - it is chalet type and the rooms are acceptable. Its at a private area on its own. The beach is across the street. Pretty quiet and seems like a relaxing place. Cost RM 120 per night.

We went on to check the Teluk Nipah area, we went in to see a few and finally settled with Flora Beach Resort (05-6853 878) or call the Manager 012-549 5854. The room costed RM 70 per night, chalet style. Nice and clean except that the bed was a bit too soft for me. Other than that no complains.

As its my first time at Pangkor, we took the bike to for a "round the island tour" - now I know Pangkor in and out! (only the main roads... :)

Hornbills are plentiful at Teluk Nipah

The bike we rented

View from the observation tower

Inside the observation tower

The Dutch Fort

The fort was used to keep supplies "once upon a time"
Lumut Waterfront

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