Wednesday, November 23, 2011

19 & 20 October 2011 Songpan and Horse Trekking to ErDaoHai

Our horses - Can be booked from Shun Jiang Horse Trekking Company (Arrange one day in advance)

First glimpse of snow

More snow

Fresh snow... absolutely beautiful

We had to walk for about 1.5 hours through muddy terrain, going downhill
At the entrance of ErDaoHai

First glimpse of the lakes here... the mini size version of Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong

At this place, its completely serene and all you can hear is just the trickling sound of the water



Flip is and it becomes a dinosaur?

We are standing on the ceiling of the caves

Capturing the different shades of green

Our hotel for the night

The horses are having a "treat"

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