Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A day out with family and buddies

Date : 4 June 2011

Had a great destressing time at Look Out Point, Ampang with family and buddies!
Here are some pics to share..... we were blessed with wonderful weather.
Sunset was beautiful on that day..... I was surprised at the results of my own little camera!

The key is to arrive at the place early, get good seats (for the car and for ourselves!) and wait for the sun to set. On weekends the restaurants open at 5pm.

The pictures below are all taken from 5.30pm till 8pm

My personal fav!

Lightings adjusted to -3.0


  1. Thanks for the invite to see the nice view of KL.
    You have nice pictures in this blog showing the sequence of events. Composition also ok, following the rule of thirds in some photo. :)

  2. CF! Thanks very much... compliments from buddy... who is "the photographer" - I am in cloud 9 - LOL