Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camping in Paradise - Jerangkang waterfalls

Date : 21 and 22 May 2011

50 of us signed up for the trip but at the end 39 turned up for the trip. Although some pullouts were last minute, the group was still considered big! I am sure everyone had a great time (that's an understatement? a HELLUVA time is more like it) and we scaled till about Teir 30.... (according to our waterfall king , Harry) It was a great trip for me, everyone was great, all cooperated in terms of timing and a special thanks to the group from Johor who started their journey at 2am. Its quite an effort I must say and kudos to the drivers!

For us from KL we started our journey at about 4am, a relaxing drive to Sri Jaya exit. We rested at Temerloh R&R and grabbed a quick bite. The journey from KL to Sri Jaya tol exit takes about 2 hours. After the exit, turn left and head towards Kuantan. Follow the road until you see Hutan Lipur Jerangkang, where you turn in if you are driving a 4WD.
Otherwise, pre-arrangements will need to be made to hire a 4WD to take you in. The drive is 13km right to the recreational park. (about 1 hour drive)

There are various campsites available depending on the size of one's group:
1. Right where the 4WD drops you, can accomodate 80-100 pax easily with washroom facilities
2. 15 minutes walk, 5 minutes inclined can accomodate 50 pax (beside the river)
3. 1 hour walk in (or maybe more) following a clear trail can acccomodate 8-10 pax (beside the river at about Teir 30)

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - An hour walk (maybe more if you are the type to jump into every pool that you can see) Easy trekking, clear trails every fall/cascade there is a pool to dive in. Water crystal clear, sandy base.

The pools have fishes in them, small but plentiful. The lower teir fishes are a little afraid while the upper teir ones will swim all around you! Of course you need to be feeding them :) 
Trekking bags also need space in the 4WD and lorry!

We camped near to this fall

Looking back

Merman in an infinity pool

This was where most of us stopped. Some scaled up the upper falls

Vanilla orchid (not that I know.....) I was informed by the botanist in our group!

Looks a little like Kedondong


  1. Hi,
    Do you know of anyone I can contact to make arrangements for the 4WD?

  2. U can contact Jefri at 013 997 6368

  3. Trekking in this area will let you to have a glimpse on the atypical combine of snowy peaks,