Friday, October 24, 2014

In remembrance

This post is dedicated to both my parents, dad and mum who left me recently. It has been incredibly tough for me to journey without them. Both gone too soon for me but I wish them both well and I believe that they will always be looking after me from above.
I would like to also thank those who stood by me through this period and I have to say that without you all, it would have been even harder. 

My Father : Foo Soo Kim, Born 2 June 1941, Departed 2 Sept 2014
An incredible man with very few words but has shown me much love in his own ways. A man who worked all his life, to my dad, work always came first and family was second in line.


My Mother : Kung Lay Eng (Fondly known as Helen), Born 7 Sept 1949, Departed 6 Oct 2014
My amazing mum who was always there for me, no matter how small was the matter. One who stood by us all the time, one who provided the love and care for us at home.

Eulogy in memory of my mum....

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for making time to come and walk this last journey with mum. She would want me to say thank you to all of you and wish the very best to all of you. 
Both my parents were amazing. We, my brother and I are both lucky to have them as our parents. 
We grew up like in any other typical family where my dad was the sole provider and my mum concentrated to raise us and made home a family. Every morning we had breakfast on the table and every meal was provided for. We were both given the best of what they could offer. For that we are very thankful. We now have to journey without both of them but I know we will continuously be guided by them.....

To some of you, you will remember my mum as a very strict no nonsense person
To some she must have been a loud person
To some she must have been bad tempered
To some other she would have been very sociable
And I believe to all she is well known to be a hard headed and decisive lady. 

To us she was a very dependable person who was always there for us. She was always caring and always ready to listen to us and she listen to understand and not listen to reply. She was truly our pillar at home.  We were taught strong values and the importance of family, faith, hard work, kindness, forgiveness and love. 

The last one year has been many ups and downs for mum. As she battled with cancer she has shown me how strong willed she was and how positively she looked at life. God has also shown me how graceful He is as He was always there for mum, shielding her from pain, guiding her what to do and finally taking her home. Although she will be forever missed, I am comforted that mum is at peace now. 
I will always treasure our days and hold you in my heart. I love you mum.   

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