Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 - Has been a year of change

How was 2012 for you readers out there?
For me, it has been a year of change! Here's a little run up for my year....

1. Jared starts Std 1, new school, new environment
2. Managed to climb Gunung Mulu with some great friends and fantastic guide.... thank you Han for leading us and thank you Ong, Mee Ling, Alvin, Esther and Boon Leng for the great company (first time staying in the jungles for so many days)

1. Swam with the whalesharks! Wow, what an achievement for me personally. To think that I cannot swim at all previously, now I had the opportunity to swim with one of the world's largest creature... what an amazing experience
2. Managed to sell off our office in Shah Alam (after looking for a buyer for a very long time) - we had 3 units of office lots together and hence it was tough to sell.

1. Contributed back to nature with a cleanup at Kedondong waterfall :) I have been enjoying too many waterfalls so its "payback" time
2. Climbed Gunung Senyum and it was SO TOUGH! I thought I almost died! (from the heat) I say thank you to the many people who accompanied me and waited for me

1. Had an argument with a friend which never really did reconcile
2. I am reminded of how powerful mother nature can be
3. Had a good break at Phuket

1. The month of many coordinations with renovation works and moving plans (for the office)
2. The USA sales team (working in partnership) decides to resign from distributing our products! (shucks!!)

1. Went to Hanoi and the famous Halong Bay which I personally think its over-rated. The Halong Bay on land was very much better! (Ninh Binh)
2. Finally we move into a house (converted to use as an office) - after many years in Shah Alam, I am now in PJ for those of you who don't know
3. I lost a friend to mother nature
4. I was given a resignation letter by the Technical / Ops personnel

1. I was given another resignation letter by the Secretary
2. Gathering with secondary school mates with a lovely cake baked by one of them, Li Ying. Was a great turnout and thanks to all who came, making it an event to remember

1. I finally got an iPad - which is used by Jared and mum! The grandma and grandson negotiates who uses the iPad for how long - quite comical I must say
2. For the company we managed to get confirmation to be listed into BigLots stores in USA... 1400 stores mind you! Great record for us
3. Stepped into Pulau Perhentian for the first time... it's off season and it was a fantastic weekend breakaway. Not many souls in sight and it was a wonderful experience. We could just snorkel off shore.... lovely

1. And another resignation letter by the Accts personnel (this completes it!) :) PHEW! Thankfully!
2. Mum's check up revealed that she has early signs of kidney problem :(
3. Kimi won the race at Abu Dhabi and said "leave me alone" to his crew members - classical
4. I had to settle for Frasers Hill for my winter holiday this year - better than nothing!

Dec - my favorite month!
1. 12.12.12 gathering with my LP friends, 12 years of friendship....

Things that I thought I would do this year but did not:
1. Climb Gunung Rajah
2. Try kayaking
3. Try diving

Guess, the year has not too bad?
Its always up and down, and I always say be thankful for the ups and gain the experience from the downs.

I say thank you to some close friends/buddy and family members who always stood by me and never left my side. I am thankful for your presence in my life.

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  1. You did well for 2012. Embrace it and never regret the things you've done.