Monday, September 10, 2012

Lata Gerehang

Date :18 Dec 2011

Wow, this post is 10 months later!
Have been so stuck at work amidst other things too..... but who is complaining? Being busy is better than having nothing to do!

How to get there :
Travel time : 1.5 hours from Bangsar
Head on towards Tanjung Malim and exit on the NS highway and then follow the road to Behrang Ulu. Then look for an abandoned housing area called Diamond Creek. Once you get to the Diamond Creek housing area, follow the path till you come to a roundabout. Take 9 o'clock. Then just follow the path till another roundabout. This is where you start to trek in.
(Pardon me, as this was almost a year old, my memory could also be failing me)

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography -2 hours
Terrain rating 4/10
Actual terrain and path leading to the falls I will need to revisit!
At the waterfall :
A tall fall with an elongated pool (above a cascade).
Go upwards and there is a place that one can go behind the waterfall.
At the lower cascade, can do a jump.

This is the 2nd roundabout where you park your car and start trekking

Little cascades along the way

First mini fall that one can go for natural reflexology

I always call this little Astro dishes

Lata Gerehang

Mid section of Lata Gerehang. Can go behind the falls here
It was quite a large group for this trip and as a result we got separated.
But luckily there were 2 people who has been to this fall and could lead. We mostly followed the river path and there were a few crossings.
To some people we call this the New Strata Falls - simply because its newly discovered.


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