Friday, March 30, 2012

A moment with the world's largest fish

I have chosen to share this in a little story than the usual "matter of fact" writings that I do.
A group of us, total 12 pax went on a little adventure to swim with the Gentle Giants, known as Butanding locally.... where? you must be wondering. Ever heard of a place called Donsol? Well, before this I have not.... but now, I have been and swam with the whalesharks!

Wow, to think many months ago, I can't even swim! Let alone to think about swimming with these Gentle Giants. In building up to the trip, Edwin helped by giving a few of us classes - for us to learn to swim and to snorkel. He taught us many things..... from swimming techniques to snorkeling, mask clearing, snorkel clearing, surface dive... he has given me a "hope" that I can swim after all! And for that, I am very grateful!

The swim with the Gentle Giants is not so gentle afterall..... there could easily be 60-130 people chasing after one whaleshark and in the midst of it, people could be holding on to your fins, kicking off your mask, kicking water into your snorkel, kicking the camera off your hands! So do becareful and make sure everything is "secured"! So its really kind of chaotic when its supposed to be a gentle adventure and to some even spiritual as we are all "humbled" in the presence of these Giants.

Some of us did 2 day out with the Whalesharks while some was satisfied with just one day out... both days we saw the Gentle Giants but in my second day out in the very last jump in I had a moment with the Giant.
When the bubbles cleared from my jump in for the last time, the gentle giant below turned and looked towards me (and Tat Seng and Phoebe) and in that one moment (alas! my camera was not ready!) I saw her eyes, mouth and lower body and I imagined her thinking - "Oh no! they are all still around - the 1001 legs are all still kicking around trying to follow me!" or another version is "Oh no! they jumped in so hard that I had to take a peep at what was that?! Just another few pairs of legs"

Haha, that's just my imagination of the baby that we saw....... here's a little video snippet that I have edited to share with you all...... not the best quality but I treasure it all the same.

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