Friday, July 1, 2011

Naning Waterfalls - Upper and Lower

Date : 12 June 2011

Naning again!
This time the attraction is for the 200feet 5 teirs lower fall..... how could we go past the tall fall without going to it right? Thank you Harry for the recce.... I love this fall but I do not like the never ending road walk! But, we were extremely blessed today as we managed to hitch a ride in and out! It was indeed a day to count our blessings! Very thankful for the guys there who took us in and out...... we were indeed blessed!

How to get there :
Gombak tol RM 5 - travel along the Karak Highway and exit at Bentong (first Bentong exit after the tol, Exit 808)
At the junction turn right, travel along the road until another junction. Turn left
Road signs available - follow the signboard which says "Air Terjun Chamang"
Travel time to Chamang from KL 1 hour 45 mins

At the base :
Chamang waterfalls
Proper shower/washroom facilities available at a fee till 7pm I think
Carparks available

Trekking time and terrain :
On moderate speed with some photography - 7 hours of trekking + 2 hours at the waterfall = 9 hours
Terrain rating 5/10 (terrain fairly flat with some gentle slopes but long trek, 8km walk one way)
Description of terrain : 
Start behind the washroom, steep incline of about 50 degrees for about 8 minutes. 
Then you will come to a clearing which is a private road, not accessible by public - this "never ending road" is about an hour walk - 95% flat, some gentle slopes
You will then come to what I call the "Chocolate Hill of Malaysia" (the mini sized version compared to Philippines)
From here, take a left path into the jungles - the terrain is flat with 2 small + 1 big river (may get wet) (Many places to cross the river - I managed to cross it and kept myself dry with Eddie's help :))
After crossing the big river, just follow the path until you come to a steep incline of about 45 degrees for about 10 minutes.
After this you will be walking on the ridge, will pass by a tall waterfall on the left (which is Lower Naning - 200ft tall) - just continue on about 10 minutes you will come to the top of another waterfall, the Upper Naning.The paths are clearly marked.
We took a break here, had our lunch and played around for a while at the falls.
After that we back trekked to the point just before the incline (if you are heading to Upper Naning) and river trekked.
This will take you to Lower Naning, 5 teirs, 200ft tall.
At the upper fall :
To view the entire waterfall one will need to go down the rocks from the sides of the fall. Becareful as it may be slippery especially if its been raining. Best to attempt without shoes.
The fall is about 60/70 feet tall 

At the lower fall :
Spectacular view of a 200feet tall fall. One can attempt to scale up the rocks to Teir 3..... beyond that we did not venture. Along the way there are some deep pools to dive in!

Baby pitcher plants as tall as half my thumb
After the river crossing..
Upper Naning
Upper Naning

River trekking to Lower Naning

Lower Naning

Sandy patch at Lower Naning, scaling up the teirs

Jumping in sync

Diving in

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