Monday, April 25, 2011

KK gathering and Happy Birthday Jamie!

Date : 24 April 2011
Venue : LaCasa, Waterfront & Rest 168, Kepong

Last weekend, we met up to have a photo sharing session for the KK climb. I was also supposed to pass all the certificates to the climbers but I forgot entirely about it! Adoi.... must be getting old! The little gathering was also extended to some of our close friends who hikes with us. We all had a jolly good time chatting away for hours. For once we are meeting up decently without hiking... what a difference. I felt like I had so much time in hand last weekend!

We also had a little surprise birthday cake for Jamie (her birthday was on 23 April) arranged by Chia... the cupcakes were wonderful!

Happy Birthday Jamie

Pan mee!

More eating!

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